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Happiness is in our hands


Do you remember what brings you happiness and contentment?
Was it the warm, savoury bowl of soup on a rainy day?
That cool, exotic holiday trip that you’ve been looking forward to?
Spending time with someone you love?
Days are as fleeting as it comes.
We can’t depend on external sources to give us happiness for a lifetime. 
True happiness is within ourselves.
We are the captains of our ships.  


Rather than fighting or numbing discontentment with worldly distractions, we can learn to recognise our feelings and accept them.

Acceptance helps to bring down our defences. 
We recognise and acknowledge our discontentment.
We stop longing for what could have happened. 
We begin to see what’s our ideal future or outcome.
And we start to think about what we can do to close the gap.

What can you do to make your life better?
Do you remember a time when you were at your best, and the happiest?
Can you apply to your situation now?
What can you do to make yourself happy?
What did you enjoy as a child?
What are you passionate about?

Choose to do more of what you love. 
So you’ll become closer to the person that you want to be.


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