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Engage your body to regain energy in your life




When I was a child, anyone who sees me after a long time, never asked me how am I doing. They just said "Oh my god! You're so skinny, did you eat and blah blah blah". Strangers who walked past me, stared at me and start whispering to their friends or they make comments with judging tones about how skinny I was. 

It impacted on my confidence and morale. For a long time, I disliked how I looked. 

I was never educated on the importance of exercise. On the contrary, many people even told me I don't need to exercise and that I should just eat more instead (lousy advice, please don't do this!). 


So I was never interested in exercising. For a long time, I thought exercise is for people who want to lose weight...until I injured myself.

It was strange, really. I never really knew the root cause, but I think it was caused by many reasons.

  • I had tight shoulders and neck because of my sedentary lifestyle and poor posture. 
  • Then I had whiplash at a go-kart event, and couldn't move my neck. 
  • I managed to heal but it caused stress on my upper back. 
After two months, I began having difficulty sleeping and had so many breakouts on my face. I lost appetite. 
I wanted to be optimistic and tried sorts of ways to recover.
I took melatonin but they didn't work.
I ate foods with more magnesium because low magnesium can cause insomnia.
Soon, my sleepless nights began to escalate and I even got a phobia of sleeping. Sometimes I don't even know I was sleeping because I felt so awake!
My sleep was so light that I thought I was thinking. 
I went to the doctor to get sleeping pills, I couldn’t get into a deep sleep and still had side effects like block nose or dry throat the next day, which made me felt worse.
I went to another doctor, and while explaining my condition, I got so upset that I nearly teared because doctor could only prescribe other sleeping pills with less side effects.
He even asked me if I was stressed and recommended me to see a psychologist.


But I knew there was nothing wrong with me. 

So I went for a massage because the sleepless nights stiffened up my body. The masseur told me there's something strange about my back.

After she released my back tension, I realised it was misaligned.

  • My shoulders wasn't in a line.
  • My heartbeats began to feel strange, sometimes they skip a beat or they beat really fast. And my chest even made crackling sounds.
  • My feet and hands felt numb
  • I get dizzy easily when I turn. I was very upset because I couldn’t dance anymore. 

I spent a bomb on MRI, heartbeat and blood tests but everything came up normal.
The doctor even recommended me to see a psychologist. I was angry, upset and devasted. I didn’t know what to do if I don’t know what to fix. I nearly got a depression.


I posted my unhappiness on Facebook and a friend recommended that I go to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner he knew. I finally managed to sleep after the first consultation. It took me 9 months of consultation, acupuncture, releasing of acupoints to recover 80% from my back misalignment.


I began to do guasha myself religiously every day and eventually managed to sleep so much better than I ever did in my life.  I felt so fresh and alert, I could jump right out of bed the next day.


But my lower back pain still persisted, so I went to see a physiologist. I recovered in 3 months.


That was when I discovered that exercise and blood circulation is so important...and they are not the same thing!  We, humans have been focusing on our day to day lives that we forget about our body, or even neglect taking care of it. 


Lower back pain and insomnia are common issues and people live with them because they didn’t know there ARE ways to recover!


Back pains without injuries can be caused by weak glutes muscles.

  • Glutes muscle is the largest muscle group of our body. 
  • It supports the upper body and protects our knees. 


Insomnia when not caused by stress, is a sign of poor blood circulation.

  • Our brain does not know the difference between the mind and body stress.
  • We may not be stressed psychologically, but a body with tight muscles makes our brain think that we're stressed. 

Brief explanation about blood circulation

The blood circulatory system (cardiovascular system) delivers nutrients and oxygen to all cells in the body. An inadequate supply of oxygen in the blood can result in poor sleep quality, sleep disruptions, morning headaches, and daytime tiredness.  These conditions cause poor blood circulation:

  • High LDL
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 
  • Toxic building of toxins, chemicals and drugs in the blood 

How do you know if you have poor blood circulation?  


Does your feet or hands frequently feel cold? Does your skin colour look white or greenish, rather than pinkish? Do you have trouble having good, quality sleep? Do you often have headache or body pains? 


Some ways to improve blood circulation include:    



Humans anatomy are designed to move, not for sitting long hours.

Exercise helps to increase blood flow and raises the oxygen levels in your body. Static and resistance exercises strengthen your body, minimises injuries, and help you to instinctively protect your lower back and joints such as knees and wrists. It also helps you with your sitting, standing and walking posture.


Reduce stressful cardio exercises like running, aerobics as they can add stress to your body and cause insomnia.     



Make it fun with your kids or your family by doing it together or even ask them what they learnt in school! It’s an easy and fun way to wake up together and de-stress before bed-time. Stretching helps to increase blood flow, mobility, flexibility and reduces stretch marks. It also helps the body to recover faster and shortens the time-span of muscle aches from exercises.   



An indulgent but necessary way of helping the body to recover by removing waste products in muscle tissue. The activities that we do every day may not engage all our muscles in the body. There are 361 acupoints and over 650 muscles in the body. A massage therapist aims to unlock the tension in the body by engaging all the acupoints and muscles. Gua sha is a very simple method of massage that you can do for yourself and helps you to learn about the condition of your body. 


Now that you’ve learnt these methods, try incorporating in your daily life. Add one of these activities once at a time, observe how you feel mentally and physically. Enjoy the process. The results, such as having a flexible, beautiful and pain-free body, are bonuses that come with it!      


To fully take care of our body, diet is important. Here, I’ve written a list of foods that depletes your body’s energy and why it affects your body energy levels.  



love, Allison


Our educational content is not meant or intended for medical advice or treatment


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